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Oticon – A world where hearing loss has no limitation.

Oticon brings life-changing technology designed to empower people with hearing loss – a complete range of products to support a variety of hearing needs and constantly working towards a vision of a world where innovative hearing technology provides meaningful, life-changing benefits for people with hearing loss.

Oticon never stops exploring and learning about hearing loss – working continuously with more than 13,000 hearing aid users and hearing loss professionals, who help us understand what people need and desire.

We understand the everyday needs of modern hearing aid users. Our hearing aids and accessories take sound quality to the next level so you can hear better with less effort.

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Oticon' Newest Science in Hearing

All Oticon hearing aids use BrainHearing™ technology to support the brain in making sense of sound and enable patients to participate in challenging listening environments.

Connecting Oticon to your devices

Oticon Opn S is more than a hearing aid. It’s wearable technology that makes it easy to connect to your favorite devices.

Hands-free phone calls from any modern smartphone

Stream music in high-quality stereo sound

Stream sound from your TV

Boost your hearing with the Oticon ON App

Easy Rechargeability and Connectivity

Powered by the Velox S™ platform, Oticon Ruby introduces the new SuperShield feedback management system that prevents feedback before it occurs, so patients can enjoy a better hearing experience without interruptions from unwanted whistling and squealing.

Microphone System Breaks Barriers to Classroom

EduMic, a new wireless remote microphone system from Oticon, Inc., improves speech understanding in the classroom for children with hearing loss, overcoming the noise, distance and reverberation challenges typical of classroom environmentsbr>

Powerful Partnership for Speech Understanding

EduMic works together with Oticon pediatric hearing aids and with all Oticon hearing aids powered by the Velox™ and Velox S™ platforms to deliver clear access to the teacher’s voice. The powerful, advanced signal processing platforms feature the 2.4 GHz TwinLink™ communication system that allows outstanding binaural hearing aid processing while streaming to the hearing aids simultaneously.

Bring Telehealth to More Patients

Oticon RemoteCare allows hearing care professionals to follow up online with patients to remotely adjust and fine-tune hearing aids in a virtual appointment – the ability to provide initial fittings to a select group of patients with valid audiograms, while patients to remain at home during the current virus outbreak.

No More Whistling

Oticon OpenSound Optimizer technology detects and prevents annoying whistling before it even happens.

Oticon ON App

The Oticon ON App provides discreet remote control of your hearing aids, letting you adjust volume, change listening programs, or even help you find your hearing aids if you lose them. The ON App is also your connection to the wide variety of Internet-connected solutions through the IFTTT service.

Oticon Hearing Aid Provider All Oticon hearing solutions are built on BrainHearing™ technology that is designed to support your brain’s natural process of making sense of sound. Through life-changing technology, we are able to provide solutions for all types of hearing loss, ages and lifestyles.

Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation | Achieve a balanced life.

Oticon Hearing Aid Solutions

Through the life-changing BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon is able to provide solutions for all types of hearing loss, ages and lifestyles. Oticon hearing aid solutions are designed to meet your hearing needs and provide reliable, discreet and comfortable hearing aid options — specifically for you!

All Styles
Oticon Opn-S BTE Hearing Aid

Oticon Opn-S BTE Hearing Aid


Built for mild-to-severe hearing loss – break free from restrictions and join the conversation in difficult listening environments with our most advanced hearing aid.* More advanced and powerful Velox S™ platform supports key technologies proven to deliver better hearing with less effortEasy wireless connectivity to devices. Available styles include: miniRITE, miniRITE T, miniRITE R, BTE PP

Oticon Xceed SP BTE Hearing Aid

Oticon Xceed SP BTE


The world’s most powerful hearing aid – Oticon Xceed SP (super power) is a powerful and attractive hearing aid that sits behind the ear. Featuring an all new modern design with push buttons for easy control and a robust IP68-certification for water and dust resistance. Oticon Xceed SP is Made for iPhone®. For severe to profound hearing loss. Available styles include: Oticon Xceed SP, Oticon Xceed UP .

Oticon Ruby miniRITE BTE Hearing Aid

Oticon Ruby miniRITE BTE


Ruby hearing aids help you hear better so you can get out and live life to the fullest. Enjoy superb sound quality, easy connectivity and a choice of models and features – SuperShield feedback management system that prevents feedback before it occurs. Available styles include: Oticon Ruby miniRITE, Oticon Ruby miniRITE T, Oticon Ruby miniRITE R (Rechargeable), Oticon Ruby BTE, Oticon Ruby Plus Power

Oticon Opn Play miniRITE BTE

Oticon Opn Play miniRITE BTE


Built for children with mild-to-severe hearing loss – a whole new way for children to hear sounds and increase their speech understanding in noise. Opn Play provides better conditions to meet children’s developmental needs and the day-to-day challenges of growing up. Your Oticon Opn Play hearing aid can have up to 4 different programs. Available styles include: miniRITE, miniRITE T, miniRITE R, BTE PP

Oticon Xceed Play BTE Hearing Aid

Oticon Xceed Play BTE


Built for children with severe-to-profound hearing loss – a breakthrough in hearing care for children with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Featuring our most powerful sound processing chip, Oticon Xceed Play is fast enough to support how your child’s brain naturally makes sense of sound. Oticon Xceed Play helps prevent feedback from happening. Available styles include: Oticon Xceed SP, Oticon Xceed UP

Oticon Siya miniRITE BTE Hearing Aid

Oticon Siya miniRITE BTE


Oticon Siya hearing aids help you hear better by amplifying the rich details of sound, so you can focus in on every precious moment. Siya hearing aids feature BrainHearing™ technology which helps your brain understand sounds more easily. Siya in-the-ear styles use cutting-edge 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology – stream high quality music.* Available styles include: ICC, CIC, ITC, ITE HS, ITE FS

Oticon Opn miniRITE BTE Hearing Aid

Oticon Opn miniRITE BTE


Oticon Opn miniRITE sits discreetly behind the ear and is our smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid expertly crafted for your unique needs and preferences. A tiny speaker attached to a thin, almost invisible wire fits comfortably in the ear. The Opn miniRITE is Made for iPhone®. A simple push button controls volume and listening programs. For mild to severe hearing loss. Available styles include: IIC, CIC, ITC, HS, FS

Oticon Sensei SP BTE13 SP Hearing Aid

Oticon Sensei SP BTE13 SP


Oticon Sensei Super Power delivers the best POWER performance in the smallest hearing aid size, with the clearest sound signal needed to improve speech understanding. Continuously high sound quality in a small hearing aid size. Oticon has made sure the Sensei family of products is available in a wide range of modern colors, guaranteed to please children of all ages. Available styles include: BTE13 SP

Oticon Sensei RITE 312 Hearing Aid

Oticon Sensei RITE 312


A slim, FM compatible, receiver-in-the-ear instrument that comprises unique pediatric features developed especially to address the practicalities and complex listening environments of childhood. The signature LED adds peace of mind for parents, teachers and caregivers. The RITE instruments use Oticon's miniFit receivers and soft domes or custom molds. Available styles include: RITE 312, BTE 312, BTE 13

Oticon Dynamo BTE13 SP Hearing Aid

Oticon Dynamo BTE13 SP


Dynamo is the most advanced, personalized Super Power product Oticon has ever developed. Premium speech processing technologies are designed to meet the challenges of people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Dynamo has a smaller case size and is available in seven colors. It is powered by a size 13 battery with longer battery life. Available styles include: BTE13 SP

Oticon More miniRITE R



A discreet rechargeable style with a highly trained, directly embedded Deep Neural Network (DNN) to give the brain more of the information it needs to make sense of sound with a double push button for volume and program control. Use Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for seamless connectivity with your devices and a telecoil to receive audio from public hearing loop systems. Available styles include: miniRITE R

Oticon CROS Single-sided Deafness BTE Hearing Aid


Single-sided Deafness BTE

The Oticon CROS offers a revolutionary sound experience for people with single-sided deafness – CROS solution with OpenSound Navigator™ and TwinLink™ dual-streaming technology – a revolutionary 360° sound experience for single-sided deafness – sends the sound from your poorer ear to the better ear. Available styles include: miniRITE T, miniRITE, miniRITE R, BTEPP, BTE SP and BTE UP

Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories

Better hearing starts with Achieve Hearing, and choosing a hearing solution that’s adapted to you and gives your brain what it needs to make sense of sound. Explore Oticon range of practical hearing aid accessories that enhance your everyday activities and add convenience to your life. Oticon offer everything from wireless hearing aid accessories, to child friendly and classroom solutions, and much more to help you achieve a balanced life.

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